Is there any way to auto dark theme for qt application in manjaro gnome?

As we all know, there is a automatic dark theme extension in manjaro gnome and it can automatic change dark theme when It was open. So I think that Is there a way to automatically switch the corresponding dark theme or white theme of kvantum manager when automatic dark theme extension running.

AutomaThemely should be able to do it.

ok, I got it. thank you

Nightthemescwitcher already supports this, you simply need to use the script tab and call kvantum manager from there.

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Yeah, The command tab in Nightthemescwitcher can achieve it. Just use kvantummanager --set Matchama and kvantummanager --set Matchama-Dark. Thank you!

This is should also be configured by default on the latest gnome iso. You need to restart qt apps for them to notice the change though

It works well

The default manjaro gnome image should also be installed to automatically execute commands(sudo gpasswd $user input) so that gestures can be used out of the box.

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