Is there any true alternative for krisp in linux

I have currently made switch from windows to manjaro so I am really missing krisp which I was using in windows I have heard a lots of alternatives like noisetorch,rnnoise in linux but those are not working properly with my headphones(Boat rockerz 510) which has a inbuilt mic in it so when i use noisetorch in google meet it says this:
and even in noisetorch it shows this:

Is anyone here who can guide me through this because I need some noise suppression/cancellation software for my classes which are going online

Use Pulseeffects

Is noise suppression good in Pulseeffect? I need for zoom,google meet,discord,skype as well for meetings

In my experience, more than good. And you can tune it as well. And there more than just noise suppression. All in all, just try it. It sits on top of your sound server, so just terminate it if you face problems. It hasn’t crashed even once in latest update with Pipewire. Can’t say the same for PulseAudio as I already left it.

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It works fine on both Puldeaudio and Pipewire, however I’d recommend pipewire.

Can you let me know how use pulseeffect as noise suppression in google meet,skype,discord
this would be a great help

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Noisetorch Wiki has this regarding incompatible microphones:

lawl/NoiseTorch - My microphone is displayed in orange and sais “(incompatible?)”

There is a fix available for this now, but it requires building both PulseAudio and NoiseTorch from source. PulseAudio requires this patch to trickle down into distributions.

Unless you are willing to build PulseAudio from source, there is currently nothing you can do, but wait.

PulseEffects (for Pulseaudio) and EasyEffects (for Pipewire) both use rnnoise.

Just open your communication app (or respective web through browser), run the (Easy|Pulse)Effects, go to input tab (EasyEffects) or microphone icon (older PulseEffects), you will see source for the app with a toggle. Turn it on, enable whatever filters you want, and that’s it. For my needs, noise suppression and echo cancellation (I use separate devices for input and output) are enough, your mileage may vary.

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