Is there an easy way to make it look like Archcraft?

Hello there!
I tried different distributions now but I’m far away from being a poweruser…

Many Archcraft flavors look awesome, but AFAIK it’s a distribution for experienced users. I like things that work out of the box, I don’t want to install many things on my own.

I really like Manjaro but unfortunately I wasn’t able to find a DE that looks similiar to Archcraft. Is there an easy way ( for noobs ) to achieve it?

Thanks in advance!

install plank (that mac-like thing) and neofetch. everything else is just playing around with dark-themes or whatever you like.
there are so many youtube-videos how to pimp your desktop that i would recommend check there for tutorials. a good tip, use the filter and check for videos that are not older than 1 year ( a 5 year aged video is very often no longer valid).
take your time to create and pimp your desktop and use these videos as inspiration.


some screens you can see here:

Install OpenBox, then you can copy some configs of OpenBox in home directory from Archcraft in VM.

thanks a lot guys. was hoping to find something like a community edition :slight_smile:

Archcraft is not difficult. The DE is just Openbox & Thunar file manager.
To install software you have to use pacman which is a handful of commands to learn.

I have 2 partitions, One with Manjaro, one with Archcraft. This way I can keep the comfort of Manjaro & experiment with Archcraft.

There are many different desktops - DWM, I3wm, etc - indeed many different possibilities are shown on the archcraft website.

I’d say just pick a desktop that suits you, and start to edit the colour scheme to suit yourself, then work up to other things.

KDE is nice for ricing, and GNOME is easier to use with sane defaults - but not so configurable if you need to play around more than you need to work.

Plank is a tidy looking dock I you don’t like the regular (but very efficient on resources) Task Manager…