Is there an approximate date for the next Version/Release of Manjaro?

i need to make a clean install and prefer not to do all the updates in between.

I’m guessing it’ll be When it’s Released :tm:.

Seriously, why do you want to reinstall?

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Philm hinted it’ll be soon,so i thought might wait.

i have an unused (for the moment )Laptop,and i prefer to put a clean image on it.

Soon is completely relative…

You have monthly releases here, but I think they are on unstable branch.
Please correct me if I’m wrong.

i have no idea,are they?


No, but these are:

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I think you can use manjaro-iso-downloader to fetch the release-review

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It only supports stable (official & community) and development ISOs.

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In every announcement there is link to daily baked iso-s, if i remember correctly.

New official install medias should be online in couple of days/weeks. We are currently polishing the installer and fix small things we noticed.

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I remembered that too.

Due to being sleepless - I had the idea to expand the python utility script with an option to fetch the latest release review iso.

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