Is there an alternative to the Plasma screenlock?

Is there another screenlock that I can install for Plasma, that is more customizable than the default one?

The KDE screenlock looks awful with my Plasma style.

I’m assuming you’re referring to the Splash screen or SDDM which is your screen when logged out. You can go System Settings and search for each one and select or download a new one that you like from there.

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As Locutus mentioned you can get to SDDM settings via SystemSettings->StartupandShutdown->LoginScreen(SDDM), there is also a different setting for the screenlock or timeout-screen. You can get to that by SystemSettings->WorkspaceBehavior->ScreenLocking.
Configure those screens until you are happy. Enjoy.


I was looking for a complete alternative to that, because it’s barely customizable. But apparently it’s impossible.

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