Is there a way to "reset" the top bar?

Since the upgrade to Gnome 40 my top bar has been wonky, and I haven’t quite been able to restore it to the way it was. I now have some strange, blank “thingies” that just seem like placeholders of some sort?

They don’t do anything, I can’t right-click or left-click, and I just want to get rid of them.

Any ideas?

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Hi there, you could try to switch your AppIndicator-Extension off and on in the gnome-extensions-app. (Or play with it’s settings.)
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(Edit: Corrected wrong name of extension.)

Done. No change :frowning:

The blank thingies is probably because your icon theme is missing icons for those things.


I have the very same issue, and I got the feeling that the blank icons are getting more over time. I cloud not figure out which program is responsible for this by now.

If i’m not mistaken, you are using the vertex shell theme with some other tweaks … change it to default and restart your shell … also, you probably use some tweaks in Dash to Panel that you can look at?

I changed my theme from “Adwaita-maia-dark” to “Matcha-dark-azul”. Ever since the placeholders did not appear again in my topbar.
So thank you I guess! :slight_smile:

I was to impatient. They are still getting added.

However, I start recognizing a pattern. One of the placeholders gets added each time my desktop was locked. Maybe it’s connect to the lockscreen somehow.

I guess i will further observe this.

I was too impatient and curious. However, locking the screen is creating one of the placeholders each time for me.
So it’s reproducible for me.
@gregorj could you try to confirm this?

This doesn’t happen on my GNOME. It must be an extension that you’re using.

EDIT: I’m adding that the only extensions I use are Application Menu and Window List.

You have different layouts in the “Layouts” settings from Welcome screen or its own icon. From there you have 6 different settings - Manjaro Legacy, Manjaro, Traditional, Tiling, Unity, and GNOME. From each of those layouts you can tweak things like moving docks to bottom or right and then some. Maybe this might help. Also there is the deconfigure editor which is preinstalled but be very careful with that. I don’t have that issue. Best of luck.

Here are some of my settings if this helps.

So at the end I could trace it down to the app indicator extension.

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Link to a issue for this on github.