Is there a way to remote into XFCE from a Windows 10 machine?

Hi there XFCE members,
I recently built my first Linux machine. It’s sole purpose is to run as an LMS server (Logitech Media Server). It’s doing a great job at that.

I’d like to remote into the LMS server from my Windows 10 machine to upload music files and restart the system if necessary. What are my options for doing that? I’ve seen a couple post but they were focused on specific solutions and they were never completely answered. Does anyone know of a secure way to remote into XFCE from a Window machine?


The most secure way is OpenSSH. You can also access files via sftp. It should available in Windows under Features…

On a Windows 10 just open PowerShell and use the ssh command. It works the same as on the Manjaro. Just make sure you start the sshd service on your Manjaro system.

Thank you, I’ll give that a try!