Is there a way to get better tile control for windows on the desktop

Hi, I really like using KDE tile shortcuts to send my windows to the corners or sides etc.

But since I have 4k 42inc monitors I really would love to have more tile choices. Is there maybe such a tool that provides this?

What I look for is, like

Press shortcut for sending to “right” the first time => Use half size of right area.
Press it again => use 1/3rd of the right,
Press once again => use 2/3rd of the right side.

And this for all sides/corners.

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I use a KWin script called krohnkite. Settings - Window Managment - KWin Scripts - Get New Scripts. There are also a few youtube reviews of it. It works for the most part, but I have noticed a few bugs.


I played a bit around with it, and it is an interesting script. But not really suitable to my situation.

I have often 30+ windows upen and for most of them I do not care where they are. But I have a fixed set of windows that I want to see next to each other and be able to quickly throw around if I need to.

So I wrote my own KWin script. I’ll see how to publish it to the KDE download section and let you know when I did.

It has a 3x2 grid for each screen and I use the numpad for control.

The upper keys take the upper half of the screen and switch corners sizes but do 2 sizes. 33%, 50% and 66%

The left and right key, use maximum hight but also 33%, 50% and 66%

The center key is Fullscreen or full height but center of the screen with 33% width

Lower row is for lower part of the screen.

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Welcome to the world of Linux, where when you can’t find a solution you make it yourself :slight_smile:

Share with us in the meantime :smiley:

Just download it, rename .zip to .kwinscript and import.

Then make sure the Key shortcuts are as you want them (Better Quick Tiles *) It uses Meta+Num1-9 as default.

I also suggest to also assign “window to next/previous screen” to move a window from screen to screen on multi monitor setups.

Let me know if you find any issues.

Thanks, will look into it :slight_smile:

Ok, I think I launched this script to the KDE store. Not sure if I already pressed all buttons I have to press. Does not yet appear in my “Get new Scripts…” result, but could simply take a while

Hmpf, if I install it via the official repository it does not behave as in my own tests. Have to unpublish again until I found the reason.

I tried your version it didn’t work for me, the shortcut were doing nothing. However it permitted me to explore the Kwin Scripts category on KDE store, and I found something I liked (Quick Tile Enhancement) so after all it was a good experience anyway :stuck_out_tongue:

I also saw there were other scripts that seemed to be what you were looking for:

Hmm, yes, seems really similar. I could not get it to run in my VM however where I now rigurously tested my extension. My new version, 1.0.7 is uploaded now.

(this message was stuck in the preview window since well over a week. lol)

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