Is there a way to exclude orphaned and out of date packages when searching the AUR?

When I want to use some aur scripts, like Dropbox, yay dropbox returns more than 40 versions to choose from. Is there a way to exclude all of those marked with “orphaned” and “out of date”?

There is currently no way to query this with yay or pamac.

However, the database dump that is used by pamac could use the fields OutOfDate (if not null, then it’s outdated) and Maintainer (if it’s null, it’s orphaned). It could but it currently doesn’t.

yay and paru do show it though during the search, so you could filter them:

paru -Ss dropbox | paste - - | sed -e '/out\-of\-date/Id' -e '/orphaned/Id'

At least you only see the filtered packages.

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Thanks! I don’t know paru (not installed on my system). Replacing paru -Ss with yay -s (or just yay) I get a list excluding out-of-dates and orphans, but I can’t continue with yay from that output. But since the list is reduced by half or so, it helps anyway.

Oh sorry, I’ve tested with Paru. The arguments are the same, so try -Ss

Sorry, there was a typo in my previous post (missing S), I actually tried yay -Ss dropbox | paste - - | sed -e '/out\-of\-date/Id' -e '/orphaned/Id'.

The shortened list is helpful.

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