Is there a way to enter ASCII code?

Hello I have a question that I couldn’t find an answer for searching the web. I have been using ASCII codes for a long time to write texts with characters not provided by my keyboard, such as the Degree symbol (alt + 253) or the German umlauts. This method has become ingrained into my worklflow so that i don’t even think about it any longer.

Ever since switching to Manjaro, this is something no longer working. Is there a package i need to install, or do i have to live with this? I would really appreciate any insights. If there was a workaround just working in any of the office suites that would be enough for my needs, as long as i can keep up the flow of typing.

FYI, the degree symbol is not part of ASCII, it’s probably part of some of its extensions, though. You can most probably use Ctrl+Shift+u to enter a unicode character code. This is a bit cumbersome, so you may want to look up the compose key, which may suit your needs. For GNOME, check this.


Have you tried using a modifier key? e.g. for ö é ° ½ etc.? I will provide info (if I can, depending on your desktop environment …KDE?) on how to do so.

e.g. in my case, press AltGr followed by o and " for ö. For degree symbol (IIRC in Windows, ALT+0176) in Linux, using this method, AltGr then o and another o.

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I didn’t know this was an option with Linux. I tended to keep a notepad entry with often-used characters in my Windows days as a time-saver on occasions.

You got there just before I did! Degree ° symbol I’m not sure on.

Thank you I will look into this, you gave me at least another option to explore.

Thank you for your thoughts, I’m running cinnamon as DE. While I think that your solution is also going to resolve my problem, it still requires changing my workflow, which was the thing I was trying to avoid.

Again thank you for your input.

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Search for “compose key”.

I don’t use Cinnamon, but I believe to set the Compose key: System Settings > Hardware > Keyboard > Layouts > Options > Position of Compose key

I know you are suppose to be able to hold the Shift+Ctrl and type the unicode character u00b0 to produces °, but I couldn’t get it to work on kde. But when I selected the option for a compose key, I could type compose+o+o.

For en_US, the sequences (like o o) are defined in the file /usr/share/X11/locale/en_US.UTF-8/Compose.

Search the archived forum for “compose key”.

I can confirm, that both Ctrl+Shift+u + 00b0, and compose+0+0 result in ° using GNOME.

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