Is there a way to enable live wallpapers on KDE?

Hey everyone I’m more or less new to this environment recently started to major in Computer science. My main question is is there a way to enable live wallpapers on KDE?

Right click on your desktop and select “Configure Desktop and Wallpaper”. There will be a dropdown for “Wallpaper Type”, which allows you to choose many (built-in and community-created) wallpaper types including, but not limited to:

  • Video (SmartER Video Wallpaper)
  • Slideshow
  • Picture of the Day
  • Shader
  • Random image from a specified subreddit
  • Solar Cycle

You can even create your own if you are a bit savvy.

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Thank you I actually did some research and the type (Video) is not included I found that by Installing a plugin called SmartER Video Wallpaper and it enables you to add videos as live wallpapers, Also a new feature was added so the videos don’t pause anymore which is the always play mode. I appreciate the info though. Have A Good Day✨

That’s what I was talking about. The KDE community provides, as always

Oh but thanks really helpful Info.

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