Is there a way to add app shortcuts to the waybar?

I’m thinking of my most frequently used apps, and wondering if I could save some clicks this way, since I am disabled.

Edit: I’ve found some documentation for config.jsonc, so I can probably do this. How to add app icons is not yet clear.

Isn’t much simpler to use wofi ?
wofi --show drun
or is it
wofi --show=drun
or maybe is
run wofi --show=drun

and you add whatever “shortcuts” you want as *.desktop files in your ~/.local/share/applications

cp /usr/share/applications/firefox.desktop ~/.local/share/applications/firefox.desktop

Ah, look, something from our friends forum Adding an application to Wofi - #7 by boomvroomshroom - Sway - Garuda Linux Forum :grin:

I already use rofi. Such menus are simpler to program, but if I have to click two keys just to see the menu, that’s what I’m trying to avoid. Dis.A.Bled.

Thanks anyway.