Is there a way to access DLNA renderer as a Playback Device in Manjaro?


(before I start, I have to say that I’m totally confused, so my question my not make a ton of sense).

When I go to my Settings/Audio there is “Port” drop down and I can choose the Playback Device.

I have DLNA renderer (integerated-amp) and I was wondering is there a way I can choose that as the Playback Device?

The core problem I’m trying to solve is that: I stream music from amazon music (web-app) but my device (integrated-amp) is too far away from my computer. The device is DLNA & upnp enabled, so I was wondering if I could just send the music stream (bits & bytes) to the device through the network.

You can’t do it with a browser like that.
I even don’t know if it’s possible.

Anyway, first try with an Android phone by installing their app and Bubbleupnp (choose the one which is able to cast your music)

If you succeed, you could install Anbox to have Android in a container on Manjaro, then install Amazon app and Bubbleupnp, if the Amazon app can’t cast.
It could work if you are lucky.

EDIT: you can also install Nuvola player, but i think they still didn’t implement any cast features, it’s still in their backlog.