Is there a shortcut / code for the "hamburger menu" symbol? This thing: ☰

Is there a way within this forum to write / insert the hamburger menu symbol, such as this:

Or even this:

I know it’s possible to copy + paste, but I was wondering if there’s some sort of code built in to this forum software, in the same way there is built-in code to insert “buttons” like this:


Here is the unicode reference: Unicode Utilities: Character Properties


No, but you can create your own keyboard layout that has this key.

The long version:

/usr/share/X11/xkb/symbols contains the layout of all keyboards and you just copy an existing lay-out to a non-existing country and then edit that layout to include that key (E.G. Ctrl+Alt+Shift+H for Hamburger) and then select this new country’s keyboard layout!


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The HTML entity for this symbol is ☰. So, in order to insert it in a Forum post, you can try this:


The outcome should be:

If you want to insert it like a button, you can try



The keyboard shortcut to open this menu in Discourse (the software this Forum is build on) is the = key.

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No, there isn’t. The Discourse developers thought about it, but McDonald’s protested that it was discriminatory and therefore not inclusive enough, given that they also sell Cheeseburgers, Big Macs, Bacon-Cheese Burgers and a whole other variety.

In addition to that, the vegan movement also protested because they fear that allowing the insertion of a hamburger menu in posts would cause lasting psychological harm to ungulates.

My proposed solution: use this button: :hamburger: It’s already built in.



Those might be the only feasible options then. :frowning: I was hoping for a built-in method, such as:
<ham> or <menu> or <tri>

Or some other mnemonic-based shortcut.

Brilliant! Let’s put it to the test!

Q: “Hey, how do I check my unread posts on this forum?”

A: "Click on the :hamburger: in the top-right corner of the page and select “Unread”