Is there a screen split software?

I have a big screen, and I would like to make multiple applications display on the same on same workspace, but each of these application feels they are in full screen mode.

link below to demo the idea.
youtube link

Well, with XFCE you can move the windows in all 4 corners by keyboard shortcuts. But that’s it with the builtin feature of a tiling window manager. XFCE is designed for floating windows.

I guess what you are searching is something like: Material Shell or Pop Shell which is installed by default on Manjaro Gnome Edition.

If you want to go deeper, there are a lot of “window managers” (WM) for Linux, which are just designed to automatically put windows in positions, without a heavy backend like KDE or Gnome: Window manager - ArchWiki Just test it and see what fits your needs.

Have a look at this AUR package or the git version

more about it on

doesn’t work as I wanted.