Is there a proper guide how to switch from Plasma to DWM?

I wanted to try out DWM instead of KDE Plasma and I found a tutorial on YouTube how to do that. The guy from video was using Manjaro Xfce, but title said that it should work in KDE too. So what i did is:

  • Cloned, built and installed dwm and st from ther official git repos
  • Installed dmenu
  • In /usr/share/xsessions created file DWM.desktop with next content:
[Desktop Entry]
Comment=Dynamic Window Manager

I can easily switch to DWM from logon screen, but when I log in to DWM session the logon screen is hanging there instead of my wallpaper, like it shown the video. And when I’m switching workspaces the content of previous workspace is still on screen until i open something. Is that okay and I just don’t understand DWM yet or did I missed something important while installing?

UPD: I also tried installing i3 and the same thing happening, even with new user profile, so I guess I can add i3 tag and get some additional help

Make a new user profile if you do not want problems.