Is there a need for periodic fresh reinstalls of the Manjaro O/S?

Manjaro being a rolling release, theoretically you should be able to install it once and never again do a reinstall, at least as long as there are no catastrophic problems. However, every so often I hear someone on YouTube say it is healthy to do a fresh reinstall every so often.

So, which is the correct approach?


if the user does not take care of his machine: yes
it installs anything and everything, never manages .pacnews …

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Some people here haven’t reinstalled their OS in years without issues.

Though some people like to reinstall Manjaro to get the newest configurations setups, as updating your computer doesn’t change to the setups the maintainers make in ongoing changes.


Great information, guys. Thanks!!

Thanks for that link, realmain, just found out my own install is from 2019-07-29, just over a year old. Not bad, but still just a baby. Hah!!

And every so often I see decent advice coming from a youtube video. But its very rare.
I suggest not relying on that ‘source’ and instead use things like the arch and manjaro wikis.


I fully agree. Thanks