Is there a macOS App's "Wine" interpreter?

I’m wondering if there is a “Wine” solution for macOS apps? so we can install macOS apps on Linux?

I’m no computer scientist or programmer/software developer, that’s why I’m asking.

Since macOS is based on UNIX should it not be easier to make a “Cider” interpreter for Linux so we can run macOS apps on our Linux distributions?

The only reason I’m still hanging on to my windows 10 and mac OS installations is that they still have a couple of apps I need:
Affinity Photo, Affinity Designer, Deep Sky Stacker, DaVinci Resolve, and LogTenProX

There might be a couple more but If I got these 5 apps/programs on my Manjaro system, I would be able to switch completely and that is my dream!

Before you mention gimp, inkscape, kdenlive, they don’t really work for me because of the way they work and I’m really set in my workflow.

macOS is for Apple hardware.

While some have had some success install Manjaro on Apple hardware - this is not without challenges both initially and maintenance wise.

As there is no such thing as a ‘macBottle’ I’d stay with macOS for the apps you need.

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Actually there is, though it seems to still be far from the same level as wine:

It seems only DaVinci Resolve is available, you’re out of luck.


I didn’t know - I must say it was assumption on my side - given that apps for macOS is not in that high requirement on other systems as Windows apps.

darlinghq - that is a clever reference to darwin and winehq :slight_smile:

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That’s a good find! thank you:) but it seems like they are still aways out before I could use it for GUI apps like Affinity and DeepSkyStacker.

From all my research to use the DaVinci resolve package, I need an Nvidia GPU which I don’t have. lol
I guess the best thing to do is just keep dual-booting until this starts working Linux or wait until GPUs become somewhat affordable again, and buy a second one and use VM with passthrough.

You can run MacOS on VM.

I am right now, qemu/kvm but I do not have a second graphics card to do passthrough and for some reason I can get it to be resolution 4k biggest is 2K so it makes everything really small in my logbook (hard to read) but it works. I’m just waiting until I can afford a 6800xt.

Thank you for the tip :slight_smile: