Is there a gui text app that is recommended for the Pinephone Pro (with Plasma Mobile)?

Given that this is Plasma, I did install featherpad on it, since that seemed to be an okay text editor that was low resource and (I assume) was built using the Qt toolkit. However, recently it doesn’t work for me. So, I tried Leafpad, which is a GTK+ application, and, while it works, the keyboard is off. It won’t type a period (“.”). Rather, it types a greater than sign (“>”), regardless of whether the shift key is pressed or not. So, are there any recommendations for a gui text app for the Pinephone Pro?

[edit] I think Nota might be an option for a usable GUI text editor that there is for this phone, though it doesn’t seem to have the ability to paste text into it.

I tried Nano, the command line program, and pasting via Ctrl+U did not work.

I tried gnome-text-editor, and it installed. But, there seems to be no way to paste text into it.

Nota is supposed to allow pasting, but it is currently broken on mobile (and has been for several months now):

It used to work ~a year ago. I hope it will get fixed again.

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You can try gedit, I believe that that is is what Phosh uses.

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I had a post about this previously, where I mistakenly marked a reply as “solved” (and it would not let me undo this error). So, I’m reposting here, to clarify that it really isn’t “solved” yet.

Current status: I’m hoping for a text application where I can paste text that I copied from, say, a website that I’m browsing (via Angelfish or whatever browser I’m using), just to be able to take and save some notes.

Nota, the default text application, doesn’t allow for pasting. Neither does gedit. Leafpad does, but the keyboard produces erratic results when typing (typing a period is not possible, instead it types a greater than sign. Plus, these are GTK applications. I figure that a Qt based application would be best for Plasma, yet featherpad, a Qt based text application, no longer seems to work.

So, at the moment there doesn’t seem to be a fully functional text application for Manjaro Plasma on the Pinephone Pro that I’m aware of.

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I did discover that Micro, which is similar to Nano, does work reasonably well. It will paste text. It’s not a GUI, but it’s sufficient for now.