Is there a gnome-settings-daemon equivalent in LxQt?

I can use gnome applications on i3wm using this line in i3’s config file:
exec --no-startup-id gnome-settings-daemon

What could I do to achieve a similar result on i3 with lxqt apps? An example: pcmanfm-qt runs fine in lxqt according to the settings in lxqt-config-input, but it does not run properly when it is running on i3 (or other desktop environments).

The lxqt configuration I am talking about is wheel scroll lines. By default the value is 3, and I want to change it to 1. Inside lxqt it works, but on i3, the default value remains (3 lines).

If I press the shift key when using the mousewheel, I get one line scroll, but I would like to achieve the same result I can achieve in lxqt (without pressing the shift key).

I have solved this using the qt5ct program.
There, I configured Mouse wheel scroll to be 1 line.
On my system, QT_QPA_PLATFORMTHEME is set to qt5ct.

That is finicky detail - I have been reading up on this and I found the values for lxqt should be


I will fix this for the next ISO of lxqt