Is there a file manager out there that doesn't leave any trace of my activity 👻 within the hard drive (like thumbnails, caché, temp files, leftover files, etc.)?

Or if not, with automated deletion?

I feel like I’m not in control into what kind of leftover files remain in my computer weeks after deleting them, because of the file manager. I used Thunar and Dolphin.

I think most graphical file managers need to cache some info in order keep a decent performance. Maybe some lightweight ones might not use such features…
Otherwise, probably CLI ones would be your best bet.

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Midnight commander

It’s CLI. It’s also available in the community repository.

$ pamac search mc
mc                                                                                                                                                                                                   [Installed] 4.8.27-1                         community
A file manager that emulates Norton Commander

So it’s installable with: :point_down:

pamac install mc

Should do it.


On my i3 installation I use ranger as CLI filemanager


nnn for the win :slight_smile:
Its like the ‘micro’ of cli-file-managers … not too technically complicated, easy and comfortable.


Takes minimalistic to a whole new level!

I do use mc more than 20 years.
It has also a file/dir for cache, copy/paste. But it is very small, and neat in one place. ~/.cache/mc (the whole dir has 1034 Byte at the moment)
:ghost: :wink: :guardsman: :footprints:
Everywhere i go, i first install mc, htop and nowadays zsh.

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Didn’t know this.


Well, I haven’t even known about Linux for that long, never mind mc


It’s not just the file manager you need to worry about. Unless the file itself gets overwritten, your pr0n can still be found. :smirk:


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Is it too much to ask for a file manager that doesn’t copy the information of my files into other very specific directories? I kinda get angry at that. It shouldn’t do it at all.

I will try what was suggested above and see if I can uninstall the other 2 file managers I have.

What remains is dolphin creating for you exactly?
(thumbnails is configurable … so is index, which isnt controlled by dolphin, but by baloo)
Or same question for thunar?

As to your last comment - you probably want/need to keep the default file manager for your DE (kde=dolphin, xfce=thunar)

I use XFCE, what happens if i uninstall thunar?

Thunar is a core program of xfce. I really doubt that you can uninstall it completely. Just put it back and live with it. install nnn and make the suckless guys happy → :wink:

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You can use

pamac info thunar

… to see which dependencies uninstall thunar will kill. I dont suggest it. :wink:

Main problem will be that ‘xfdesktop’ will be uninstalled too.

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Better not then.

I’m trying to find the folder i saw the other day, I will respond to your questions if I find them again.

I know that even after using bleachbit they still appeared.

thank you so much for this! :slight_smile:

Ok, I tried this short in my VM. LightDm and xfce starts as supposed. But ‘Thunar’ is gone and there are no desktop symbols shown/available. The rest seems to work normal.

This is only a short view. :wink:

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Do you still have trash bin?

This should still exist:


Also gio should work;

gio list trash://
gio trash [FILE or DIR]
gio trash --empty