Is there a command to remove file associations?

I have found that my password manager was writing itself into almost every file association even though it can not open most of the programs.

Manually removing that is a pain in the behind so I wonder if there is a command that is able to remove / add file associations of certain programs?

Time to uninstall that program then i guess, and inform the author to make it behave in a better way :woman_shrugging:
(Because as you say your self, it is overriding the current associations)

Perhaps you can remove the file ~/.config/mimeapps.list
if you have that.
Look at it’s contents first …

In my KDE installation (a VM) I do not have this file - but it is an almost pristine installation with only default software.

You could reveal the name of the software to us :sunglasses: - perhaps someone knows or uses it …

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XY Problem detected. You’re asking about your attempted solution rather than your actual problem. This leads to enormous amounts of wasted time and energy, both on the part of people asking for help, and on the part of those providing help.

Please edit your post title accordingly.

I have that file and deleted the associations via search and replace. Thank you!

It is keepass password safe.

@Yochanan I have no clue what you mean since I have explained my problem.

Yes, you have. However, your topic title reflects your attempted solution. Get it now? :wink

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