Is there a broader issue going on with NVIDIA non-free driver and the latest kernel (6.1.1)?

I finally found my solution thanks to omano regarding not being able to boot into the system after installing non-free NVIDIA driver (hanging, blinking cursor)which involved switching to kernel 5.15 and I saw a lot of people having similar issues. Since this is resolved after switching from kernel 6.1.1 to 5.15 I am wondering what is the big difference between the two that is causing this problem? Is it affecting newer machines or specific machines? Did something break? Mines a 2022 omen machine RTX 3060 and I had to do this to get the driver working and to boot into it. Is this some sort of bug going on in 6.1.1? How to determine? Is 6.1.1 using a newer version of the non-free driver by chance? Mine is running NVIDIA driver version: 525.60.11 for what is worth. I am just a nooby noob and cannot do much diagnostic gathering but I hope starting this discussion can lead to some more permanent solutions in the near future if it isn’t already being addressed.

I am using an optimus Alder Lake/3050 laptop with non-free drivers and 6.1.3. It is an XPS rather than Omen. Haven’t had any boot issues or any other major graphics-related issues.

In reference to what you said in the other thread

The reason why many computers refuse to boot under kernel 6.1.x but work on 5.15.x is due to a kernel bug involving Intel CPUs of 11th(?) gen or later and NVIDIA cards. Until the bug is fixed, adding ibt=off to launch args will fix it.

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Thank you for the clarification! I tried it on a usb boot with non-free and it worked and extra thanks for sharing where the bugs were posted. I’m kind of miffed at my situation though because for whatever reason audio stopped working completely at some point. I don’t think the controller associated with the sound to the laptop is detected properly now and only shows hdmi…Whack-a-mole never ends. Also saw that in the github regarding the same issue NV said it would take a few months perhaps by 6.2

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