Is the wiki useful, what content is missing?

I am sure i am not the only one, but i find the wiki not really usable as is.
I find it not attractive regarding the landing page with the last diffs. It’s not better on pretty much each pages, with big blank blocks, no picture etc…

In my opinion, it should be the place to highlight Manjaro as well as providing usefull tutorials, but each time i want to find something, i end-up going to Arch wiki or Endeavous…or google.

Just as an example, i do not use much pamac and i only discovered this morning, there is no more Snap and Flatpack tabs in it.
I went to the Wiki and there is no information on that and how to do deal with snap and flatpak, indeed, we have to install libpamac-snap-plugin and libpamac-flatpak-plugin

Do not get me wrong, i do not speak about my personal case, i am not beginner with Linux, so i can manage my computer without this wiki.
I do not write this because of pamac/snap/flatpak, it’s just an example, among others.
I could ask for making a modification to this page, but, it’s discouraging because for me, pretty much all the wiki should be rebuilt.

But, as far as i know, Manjaro wants to be a user-friendly distro, accessible by anybody as a daily driver.
I think, this goal will be difficult to reach only with the forum as most people do not use it.

Am i the only one with this thought ?
Sorry for the inconvenience @bogdancovaciu

I experience the same, but I don’t see a problem with it. Most of the contents from the Arch wiki is applicable in Manjaro, so I only use the Manjaro wiki for explicitly Manjaro specific stuff. Of course, it would be nice to have all information at one place, but it would require a lot of effort to reach this state and the current state is fully acceptable in my opinion.

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Are you sure any beginner end-user will read hundreds of tech-savvy lines on Arch wiki ?

Some, yes, no doubt, but most of them : no, that’s is why they do not switch to Linux


I wanted to write some howtos. I tried to get write-access to the wiki, but i got no answer (2 times) so i wrote my HowTo in a thread. But personally i think this may be a waste of time because after 20 Days it is out of sight of everyone. You may find it with the search, but a wiki-page could be way better. (And i don’t need any credit for writing a thread)


I agree, there are a lot of very good threads here and howtos, a great knowledge base, but it’s a pain in the a*** to make some researches or out of sight as you said, it’s common to each forum, not related to Manjaro.

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Who uses the Wiki?

I guess anyone who wants by any means to learn about something, or compare that info with another source of information, or to check if their memory still works.

Are you talking about the same wiki ?

What this page is exactly ?

Pretty much the old wiki is archived and no longer accesible, only as a saved database. The current wiki is the work of few people, in their spare time, among other contributions they do to the project.

Manjaro is a user friendly distro, not a wannabe one. Manjaro is accessible to anybody.

I think you have mixed the wiki aspect with wiki content and then with Manjaro as OS. While there is a connection between, Manjaro OS could exist even without the wiki.

If you have a strategy to make people read documentation, please share it with us. If you think there is a intelectual persuasion hipnosis mechanism to make people search before they post the same question countless times, would be amazing.

Where did you asked? There was no answer for your request, or you get a NO as the answer for your request?


So i would suggest that someone knowledgeable collects some of these good [HowTo]s from this forum and some from the old, and some from the old wiki.
Then creates from this readable good content for the wiki (one topic at a time)
It may even be beneficial to have a page with frequently cited links to the arch wiki
Maybe this should not be one guy, but a small group

i think adding a score system just like stackoverflow would make it possible .

You are completely off topic dude.
I advice you to re-read my first message…maybe next time.

Could you please tell me where in the wiki i may know that i have to install libpamac-snap-plugin and libpamac-flatpak-plugin in order to be able to manage them with pamac ?
Yes, yes, that is what i was talking about.
But again, it was just an example, among OTHERS

What’s your point, i don’t get it ?
Is it possible to give a opinion without having someone (you, in this case) whining with the same things

Huh, no, no confusion at all.

Yes dude, it has to be attractive

Asking this is not serious, particularly as a Manjaro team member

That’s an important point. Everybody can register in the forums, but there are quite some extra steps necessary to register in the wiki. No surprise that there is very little activity in the wiki!

I love that attitude “dude”!

There is no such entry because pamac is in heavy development, and if you follow the issues on gitlab, then you would know those plugins had to be removed for now, from the newer pamac.

Like the solved entries in the topic, and each member have a score for solutions. Yeah, all that is present in some extent, but the forum is all discourse soo all new feature request regarding the forum should be addressed to their developer.

I thought it has to be smart and informative in the first place. Cosmetics can be done later. If you want to help with that i think is possible. Have to ask @oguzkagan or @philm

Can a tem member reply to a topic without having someone (you, in this case) whining with the same things ?

Arguing so “boldly” with a team member can’t be taken serious at all.

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Frankly, i do not like your attitude, team member or not, i really do not care.
My thread could have been an interesting one with proposals and positive vibes, where each other could have shared their thoughts…Yes, yes, that is what i asked.

So, i think, as a team member, you know more than anybody that the original topic of an OP has to be at least respected.

Can we vote somewhere to fire you ? (just kidding)

I don’t like your attitude either.

There was nothing derogatory in my comment. You took it personally because … reasons.
The fine line between complaining about wiki aspect and content got you on edge. Also was unclear if the lack of entries about pamac snap and flatpak plugins is the main issue, or the complete lack of snap and flatpak documentation, so i wanted to be sure. You clarify it … sort of.

I’m smiling :slight_smile:

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I was clear for everybody unless you did not read my original message

You must have read it because you wrote it … what part of that implies wiki?
The previous statement was

so you only mentioned snap and flatpak missing from pamac, so i wanted to be sure if you talk about wiki or pamac or pamac plugins missing or all together. :slight_smile:

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What don’t you understand ?
Maybe i can try in another language, i can do it for you…yes, i like to please people.

Ah ok… you are missing something like a “troubleshoot” section? And maybe also Tutorials?

That was also my thought… for me it is really difficult to find things on Discourse here. And when it comes to a beginner… I would not ask. That’s one reason why the same questions come up again and again.


Your english is fine.

Just an example of those plugins missing from pamac, or the wiki is missing the snap and flatpack documentation all together (that is not), or is the fact that wiki is missing to mention that are missing from pamac and how to go around it ?

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