Is the realtime kernel lagging that hard behind upstream?

I am interested in using a realtime kernel for some light music production and lower input latency in games and I saw that Manjaro currently offers linux62-rt, but it says it’s at 6.2.0_rt3-2 while the normal kernel is currently at version 6.2.13.
So is the realtime kernel really 13 patch versions behind or is it just a naming issue?

You can find the latest patches always here: Index of /pub/linux/kernel/projects/rt/

6.2 will be EOL soon. Pick something else :wink:

More information about realtime kernels can be found here: realtime:preempt_rt_versions [Wiki]

Ah thanks, I haven’t applied kernel patches before so I’ll need to learn that first… and then consider if it’s worth it.

You can also simply switch to testing branch and install linux63-rt as we already provide the latest.

For music production a realtime kernel is not necessary. The standard Manjaro kernel has most of the patches needed for realtime scheduling of audio

Do I need a realtime kernel to use realtime scheduling? | JACK Audio Connection Kit

For pro-audio using JACK, install realtime-privileges

pamac install realtime-privileges

and add user to the realtime group

sudo gpasswd -a $USER realtime

Yes, mostly the realtime patches get upstreamed to mainline anyway. Then the project to carry them separate is not needed anymore.