Is the Pamac AUR issue still a thing?

The reason I ask is because the only AUR package I am using is MullvadVPN, and it never shows up in the Pamac Gui.

This isn’t a show stopper, as the Pamac Tray still tells me when there is an update, and I can easily update MullvadVPN via the CLI, but it is a problem for others, who don’t understand using the CLI… I end up doing the update.

Which problem?

No, “the Pamac AUR issue” is not still a thing–especially if you can’t tell us what the issue is you’re referring to.

Of course it does. You’re doing something wrong.

Do I really have to reference this? C’mon, you’ve been around long enough…

Please see:

I wonder what that might be, other than enabling the AUR?

Let me see…

I have AUR enabled, and check for AUR updates enabled.

A search for anything mullvad, returns Mullvad Browser, which is a Flatpak.

What else do you suggest?

I just did a search for mullvad in Pamac (gtk3) & got the following results:

That tells me you don’t actually…


Mmmm interesting.

Is there anything else I should be doing?

Is your Pamac (GUI) GTK4 or GTK3 offering? This may be unrelated, but I noticed a few apparent issues of late, with respect the former.

Thread cleaned. :broom:

Carry on and be excellent to each other. :guitar:


Well, that was annoying.

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Well, that was annoying.

For the first time since I joined this forum, I had to hit the “Ignore” button on another member’s profile.


It appears to be GTK3

Likely not relevant then. Cheers. :slightly_smiling_face:

I’ve never needed a button for that.

Actually, I hadn’t noticed anything particularly ignore-worthy in the thread – What did I miss? :crazy_face:


Unrelated, but you might want to enable the last toggle switch. IMHO better suited name would be “Check for VCS packages updates”.

Well said, gnarly dude.

Is this another instance of Software Mode confusion? I just noticed that if I turn on Software Mode, all of my mullvad search results disappear.


That’s the problem. :smile: :+1: Fixed, sort of.

Is that a Bug, that I need to report?

I noticed, also that pamac which was not listed, when I was in Software-Mode, is now also listed again.

I remember now, turning Software Mode on, to see what it did, and nothing seemed to actually change, then I forgot to turn it off again.

I guess I was. :melting_face:

I admit being confused by software mode – it seems counter-intuitive: When activated, it seems to allow installs only from standard Arch repo’s; and when not activated, all configured sources are available.

Either way, software is still installed.

Perhaps renaming it to “Official Sources” and “All Sources”, respectively; could help with the apparent ambiguity.

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Thats not what it is either.
The idea is to only offer ‘applications’ like firefox, etc, instead of things like libcurl.

Though how it does that and how effective it is are other topics.