Is the kernel 6.1 SLTS or not?

On many websites, I see that the kernel 6.1 is reported to be SLTS (10 years of support)

But here: The Linux Kernel Archives - Releases the kernel 6.1 is reported to be EOL on Dec, 2026

So: is kernel 6.1 SLTS or just LTS?

Kernel 6.1.x has Long Term Servicing (LTS) support, as is 6.6.x according to comments I’ve seen.

Edit: Title changed for correctness.

If you read the pages you linked to and look at the table you posted, you can answer your question yourself. Greg and Sasha end the support in december 2026, the CIP will continue the support.

@soundofthunder No, the title is not more correct now. D.Dave did ask about the super-long-term support not just LTS.

I wasn’t aware of the need to be that specific, but 10 years, it is.


please don’t post screenshots of text …

The CIP is a stand alone project targeting devices found in civil infrastructure.

It has nothing to do with kernel development as such or which kernel is maintained as LTS by the main kernel development.

For the main kernel development - kernel 6.6 is LTS and so is 6.1.

Just like Ubuntu or Redhat which may consider a specific kernel release an LTS the CIP project will maintain 6.1 for a longer time.

The CIP 6.1 SLTS kernel is not available for Manjaro Linux.


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