Is the free nvidia driver still being worked on?

I’ve been wondering is the free nvidia driver still in frequent active development? Can it play games that are 4 years old. I can still use the newest non-free driver but I know it can also run the free driver so I’m really just asking how performance is with games that aren’t brand new.

Yes nouveau is still developed.

But your questions are a bit removed from reality…
nouveau is reverse-engineered because nvidia is a bad actor … it would be virtually impossible to equal the performance of the closed/proprietary driver until something about that fundamentally changes.
(dont hold your breath)

True but then the question is how well is it being reversed engineered to keep up with the closed source driver besides the legacy drivers are open source. Not the immediate legacy drivers but the ones at the bottom of the page that has the list of them on the nvidia site. So they can be used as an assist.

I can imagine that an argument for what I’m asking could be that I could just switch to the driver and see for myself which is very true and I’ll probably do that to try it but I was curious what others thought besides I don’t have games that are four years old and very demanding on resources.

Aside from cyberpunk which as we know has trouble even with the proprietary driver the most demanding games I have are elder scrolls online and the Star Wars the old republic game which are both well over 4 years old.

Edit: Ok now I see why my question was a far from reality. I didn’t realize that the free driver can’t run proton games at all. (I tried a game with platinum rating on protondb but it got an error just trying to launch the game) Note to self move to amd asap.

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