Is the firewall essential in Manjaro?

If a Linux system had its firewall disabled for weeks, was that a security risk? Should the system be reinstalled?

Are Manjaro’s ports closed by default, as I read is the case with Ubuntu and Mint?

You just started World War III with this question… Put on your hazmat suit and TAKE COVER!!! :firecracker: :bomb:

(Behind a router, you’re “firewall’d” from the outside world by default.)


Ports closed by default is a Linux standard.

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I’ve just looked at the log. It says that the firewall was enabled twice, now and a couple of weeks ago. Why and when did it get disabled? Could an update have done that?

EDIT I rebooted and the firewall is off again. I ran sudo systemctl enable --now ufw. But this behavior is unexpected to me.

Only you can answer that question. You enabled the firewall for a reason.

Normally when at home on a desktop PC behind a router NAT firewall, a software firewall is not needed. However, on a laptop that uses public networks, it may be desirable.

What log?

What firewall?

The computer in question is a desktop computer connecting to the Internet through a router.
I’m using gufw.
This is the log I checked: /var/log/gufw.log
After I ran the command from my previous post, the firewall stays enabled after reboot. I think this should be underlined in the GUI.

That’s up to you to configure yourself.

Closing as the question is ambiguous and any further discussion would be redundant. Further reading: