Is the an image for Khadas edge v?

Hello I have a khadas edge v. I’ve been running manjaro on sdcard for awhile. But I messed it up trying to update it.

I looked online for a new image, is the edge v no longer supported?

Thank you.


In the ARM Manjaro Downloads section you should see the 2 KHADAS images. Download the one for your device

As far as I know a Vim is not the same as edge V. They are different boards.

You are correct. Missed that, so probably you are looking for this

but then i have no idea about Edge-V vs Edge-V Pro

Edge pro and edge v are similar, edge2 pro is a different rockchip.

Thank you

I installed and ran the installer, but it seems the list is just as short as the download site. I see no evidence of an edge v.

While we do have a profile for the Edge-V, it has not been maintained for a while, so we don’t have images or support for it in the Installer script. Sorry.

OK. Thank you.