Is that possible for pamac to use a proxy for just downloading aur packages (not syncing databases)?

I’m using pamac to update aur packages. But there is a connection issue for me to download some of the aur packages. So I tried to use a proxy. But after activating the proxy, pamac failed to sync the databases. So I think it would be helpful to have a way using a proxy for only downloading the aur packages. Or maybe a param I can use to avoid database syncing before downloading ( and installing ) packages?

That would be considered a partial upgrade and is frowned upon

Warning: Never install a package without updating the system first. On a rolling release this can lead to an unbootable system

EDIT: see below, I confused using pamac as only aur helper

This is not a partial update. I guess the user is in a censored country where the connection to GitHub doesn’t work reliably, so many AUR packages will not be able to download their sources.

Instead of using pamac to update everything in one go, I recommend first update the system with the official packages:

pamac update --no-aur

And then update the packages from AUR:

pamac update --aur
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I’m using a script like:

sudo pacman -Syyu --noconfirm
http_proxy=$proxy https_proxy=$proxy pamac update --aur --no-confirm

It works well on the pacman part, but in pamac part, it fails syncing database ( downloading is ok ). In the result, the syncing would cost minutes( based on how many mirrors I’m using ). That’s why I’d like to avoid the syncing.

Thank you all the same.

I guess pacman and pamac use two different database locations. So you should not use both of them but only pamac as I indicated in my previous post.

I tested and I assume that pamac always at least checks if it needs to update the databases. So, with pamac there might not be a way around. However, you could use another AUR helper like yay or paru which do have the paru -Sau command where you can update only AUR packages.

OK, thank you. I’ll try yay or paru.

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