Is Steam Manjaro client safe? Arabic/thai error text is displayed!

NOTE: I have tested, this arabic/thai error only happens with Half-Life Alyx. If you own this game, please test this error scenario.

NOTE 2 Error seems to be in Tamil but translation was not understandable.

NOTE 3 Installing Microsoft fonts didn’t resolve the situation.

I just installed Manjaro Linux KDE/Plasma edition. I have Steam Manjaro package installed. In Steam I have installed Steam VR application to play VR games with my Valve Index VR glasses.

When I launch Half Life Alyx without first opening the Steam VR application I will get error message by some strange language. Maybe arabic or thai. Sorry can’t post screenshots or provide links as this Manjaro forum have high security settings for new members. You can copy paste links to the browser and add https//: before those and then remove that empty space before co/.

i.ibb. co/LNCwkfw/steamVR.png

WTF?! Arabic text?! First thing came to mind was that is that Steam Manjaro package clean and ok?

I have checked validity of Steam VR application and Half-Life Alyx game. 100% valid.

i.ibb. co/p42WHpn/validated.png

My Steam language is set to be English.

i.ibb. co/9W3yC4J/language-set.png

My Manjaro language is set to be English.

i.ibb. co/F6ZR4v1/language-on-plasma.png
(I checked locales: Manjaro settings > Language, all set to English)

I tried to Google if someone else have this issue but no results.

Half Life Alyx language is too set to English.

I hope someone can translate that error. I cant copy paste the text, so only screenshot is available.

This is my first time that I don’t feel secure on Linux. I can reproduce the error any time I want. To play VR games you first need to start SteamVR application. If you dont do that and start VR game then you have this error.

Maybe a font problem rather than a language problem?

This is newer than Half Life 1 and 2 but this could be font problem. Google translate on my mobile phone detected language to be Tamil. I was even able to copy paste the text but translation was not understandable.

I installed Microsoft fonts to Manjaro but still I get that error in Tamil.

It’s just an SDL error window. You can find somebody here with the same issues for SDL message window under Manjaro:

I think we just don’t provide suitable fonts for what SDL uses (I suspect it’s plain Xorg windows?). So nothing to worry about really. I’ll take look which fonts are missing.


Thanks for that!