Is shutter dead?

The newest update seems to have removed shutter from the repos. There is a shutter-git, but that fails to compile due to some dependencies also having been removed. I know there is a new shutter version out that does not depend on outdated gtk2 packages anymore. Will that enter the repos at some point?

I know I could install the snap version, but I like my systems snap-free.

Shutter was dropped from the Arch community repo to the AUR a few years ago. Just recently it was moved back to the Arch community repo. You’re no longer seeing it since it’s no longer in the AUR and is not in the Manjaro stable branch yet. It’s currently available in the testing and unstable branch:

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Thank you! I suppose it will move on from testing soon.

is it even useful any more?

I’ve got annoyed with its deplorable state months ago and switched to flameshot

Shutter is very useful and one of the best screenshot tool in Linux. Especially useful is the step tool to put circled numbers close to are to point out next step needed to go - useful for visual tutorials.
Does anyone know, how to solve missing add-ons?
Currently missing:

  • gnome-web-photo
  • perl-webservice-gyazo-b
    Also when search shutter from Manjaro packages - the offered URL discover manjaro org / packages / shutter does not exist unfortunately… Sorry but I can’t post links here…

gnome-web-photo and perl-webservice-gyazo-b are available via AUR, Shutter will pick up the functionality when you install the AUR packages.

The discover page contains only package in the official repo.

If you need searching for a possible package - use the AUR (en) - Packages page to search for it.

Shutter itself is in the official repo now though: Manjaro - Branch Compare

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