Is Shotcut in the repository different from official version from


I’m just wondering why, from the Help > About Shotcut menu option, Shotcut in the repository is Shotcut Version ARCH-21.08.29, while the latest version at Shotcut - Download is Shotcut Version 21.09.20, with no ‘ARCH-’ in the version name.

Is the version in the Manjaro repository altered from the official version other than having ARCH- in the version name?

Doesn’t seem much.

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I think Manjaro inherits Shotcut from the Arch repositories, and for some reason the person who maintains Shotcut for Arch hasn’t updated to the 21.09.20 version yet. I’ve been considering installing the flathub version, which is up to date.

AUR package shotcut-git has been updated to latest version

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Thanks for that.

Thank you. I have downloaded the appimage file for now. I tend to install from the AUR for what is not in the official repositories as much as possible.