Is pCloud trustworthy?

Hi there,

I am coming from the very bad Mega (just a few time after left the even worse iDrive), and I was wondering if anyone here in the forums has any experience with pCloud.

Are they trustworthy? What are your opinions about it, please?

Short answer: nope.

  • pCloud does not use End-to-End-encryption (E2EE) by default, but MEGA does.
  • No zero knowledge
  • pCloud is not Open Source, but MEGA is and let you and people review and build MEGA official source code, it can be reviewed by any security experts too. You can report any issue and feature.

I use cryptomator over pCloudDrive, so I don’t really care. :stuck_out_tongue:

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I am not sure, how can you access data from pCloud in smartphone, e.g Android or iOS when using cryptomator?

They have android app.

Hum, very nice tips and informations.

Currently I am at Mega (less than a week). But they simply deleted all my around 170GB of data three times. At their technical support nobody can really explains what happened (they just answer with canned responses).

I really don’t trust them anymore.

Any cloud service provider can control everything, they can delete your encrypted or unencrypted data.

Sure, but that was a failure. They can’t even explain what hapened, just insisting I have deleted the data myself, what was not true.

Moreover, I had no reason for doing that, once I was really trying to use their services in a reasonable way. This was very frustrating.

Very unprofessional and poor technical support, as well as the service itself. I was using its megaCMD CLI tool, and it was not even recording what was being done in the logs.

If you trust them - they are per definition worth your trust.

It is a loaded question which cannot be answered yes or no.

My personal choice of trust is Proton - I have been there for some time - in fact my account is one of the early adopter accounts with generous settings - which I renew every second year at almost 50% discount.



Very interesting. I’ll take a look.