Is pamac actually still monitoring for updates?

Hello I’m now observing this for quite a while, the system tray icon of the pamac is no longer indicating, that there are updates available. Today i was checking manually inside pamac if there were updates, I was told there are none, which i found surprising since there was a whole stable branch update.

So I was running pacman -Syu and not very surprising, there was a lot of updates, which all of a sudden were now also recognized by the pamac GUI.

I have been seeing this behavior now for several months and was wondering, is there a problem? I was checking previous questions in the forum, and yes my pamac is configured to check for updates, and to do so fairly frequently. My mirrorlist is rarely getting older than 2 weeks, so that isn’t the problem either.

I’m not overly fond of pamac, and prefer to use pacman anyhow, but I would expect that the preferred package manager of Manjaro, is capable of identifying and announcing a major update, such as stable branch update in it’s functionality.

Yes, I noticed the same thing on my system, but curious the same problem seems also to occur on my second Debian SID install ! Already looked at it but seeing nothing wrong anywhere, I’m still in the dark what is going on…

Edit: strange that an identical Manjaro setup for testing in a qemu-VM still show any upgrade through the pamac-widget ! Both installations are on the Manjaro Unstable branche. And not seeing any differences between the two pamac (or pacman) setups ?