Is pacserve still a solution to share installation packages between computers?

I am interested by the possibility to download the manjaro packages once and update my two computers on the same network. Apparently pacserve is a solution that I can manage. I do not want to invest that much time to save some downloads or enter into a complex procedure that will generate huge problems that I cannot solve.

While pacserve seems to be THE best recommended solution, I am surprised to see only an old AUR version on pamac - and the installation does not function due to some python3 error-.

Is pacserve still a solution? What would you suggest in my case?

Start here:

also mentioned here

OK, thanks, I think it’s more cautious to stay with a fully synced system as you say. I may fall in some weird situation otherwise.
I was indeed following the discussions on pacserve and/or local repo but this is not easy for me, at least if I want to save time!
Thank you

Old? :thinking: 2021-4 is the latest version. I don’t think Xyne has been as active as he once was.

What error? I use pacserve myself with no issues.

Sorry for my late answer!

2021-04 is relatively old when compared to the super up-to-date packages. I’m too spoiled by the very well updated system!

Looking further, this is a problem with an obsolete link “python3-threaded_servers” and the installation process stops.

I prefer not to play much with that, too risky for me.
Thanks you

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