Is Nvidia + Wayland still unusable? Is there a hope or is it hopless?

Last year, I heard that Nvidia began to support Wayland somehow. Today, I installed Gnome Manjaro on a PC with an RTX card, and by default, it was using X11. I searched the web, and enabled Wayland.

A person on a webpage said that Nvidia does not support hardware acceleration for XWayland, but a different person on a different page said that NVidia did not support XWayland hardware acceleration before driver version 470. I checked the installed driver version, and it was 510.

I have done some testing, and there are two weird things so far.

  1. Blender’s menu item does not appear when I click it. It appears only when I move the mouse cursor after I clicked it.
  2. Krita’s new document page does not show up. If I disable hardware acceleration in the settings (OpenGL) then it appears.

Does this mean that Nvidia really does not support Xwayland hardware acceleration and Nvidia cards are de-facto unusable for Wayland? If it is currently unusable, is there known information if or when Nvidia is going to support it? Or is it sort of hopeless and it is probably good idea to give up the hope of using Wayland with Nvidia?

I would like NOT to use Nvidia, but damn AMD sucks with Blender rendering performance.

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As far as I know, Nvidia drivers > 470 support hardware acceleration on Wayland, but according to docs there are some requirements. Arch Wiki provide all you should know, read wiki first then try again :wink:

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I said I already followed that.

So, the two problems I had mentioned above are not happening on your computer? Or anyone’s computer. How come no one else is replying? There is no one else who uses NVidia + Wayland?

No, but I use AMD. I don’t know how Nvidia works with Wayland.

No you didn’t.

Also do you have a reason to want to use Wayland at all? I understand the curiosity, testing, and all, but this is a fact that Nvidia+Wayland is bad and nothing you can do about it besides reporting issues and waiting for fixes.

If I were you, just use Xorg, wait for when it is ready with Nvidia properly and the whole Linux ecosystem works good with Wayland.