Is nord VPN compatible with manjaro?

hello everyone i recently installed a manjaro linux from their distro and i was wondering if this OS is compatible with nord VPN and none of my steam games are available except SC2 is there any way around this because i like the set up of this OS but if I have to change because my VPN and gaming I will.

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nordvpn-bin is in the AUR, so it probably does work in Manjaro. :point_down:

pamac build nordvpn-bin

… or… :point_down:

yay -Syu nordvpn-bin

I even believe a few people here would be using it. There are also other, related packages you may want to install, such as …

  • nordtray-bin, which is the system tray icon for NordVPN
  • nordselect, for selecting the best server
  • nordquery, an alternative to the above

Have a look around. :wink:

Note: The AUR is the Arch User repository — it is not maintained by either Arch or Manjaro. Those particular packages are actually build scripts uploaded by users — so there is no guarantee, and caution is required — and they will fetch the source code from wherever it’s developed and then automatically build the software into binary packages on your own machine. Depending on the package and your hardware, this could take quite some time.

Some AUR packages have already been prebuilt, and they generally have a name that ends in -bin.

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thanks man im still new to this i only took a couple of IT classes and only used linux on a VM ill give it a shot! so what about my steam games? i did a little research is the wine application suppose to help me be able to use most things that work on regular windows like games?

steam is available from the Manjaro repository, as well as steam-native-runtime, steam-deckify and a few other related packages. For Windows games, there is protontricks, as well as a couple of other related packages. :wink:

wine in and of itself is available from the Manjaro repository as well, and it can run lots of native Windows software, but not quite everything. But then again, why would you run Windows software when there’s so much Free & Open Source software that natively does the same things on GNU/Linux?

However, because you’re new, I must draw your attention to the following short essay. :point_down:

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thank you for your help and i guess manjaro isn’t for beginners but hey im already here on the other side I like this OS and once i learn how to navigate through everything exactly im sure ill keep it but if i have more questions ill ask

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If you really want to learn, then I would invite you to take a look at our Tutorials section, which is full of useful tutorials, HowTos, and Tips & Tricks from the many helpful members of this community. :wink:

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The search function is your friend

NordVPN is commercial offering - they do not support Manjaro - neither does Manjaro officially support NordVPN

But NordVPN works on Manjaro - given you replace openresolv with systemd-resolved as resolver.


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