Is my laptop hacked?


When I open Dolphin file browser from terminal using command dolphin . , I get following logs in terminal

https @ 0x5d03bd7d6980] Protocol 'https' not on whitelist 'file,crypto,data'!
[hls @ 0x5d03bd6ef6c0] Failed to open segment 1 of playlist 0
[hls @ 0x5d03bd6ef6c0] Segment 1 of playlist 0 failed too many times, skipping
[hls @ 0x5d03bd6ef6c0] Opening '' for reading

Last line has some web link. Is my system compromised ??

Thank you.

Use the dolphin.desktop launcher instead.

I’m simply guessing here; that you may have inadvertently launched what appears to have been a video playlist file.

Without actually following that link, it’s impossible to gauge whether it may be questionable in any way, or indeed that you’ve been hacked;

and I doubt many forum members would follow that link just to check on your behalf.


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If it is you have been places you shouldn’t but unless you have been rooting then it is only your user account.

Are you sure that’s the correct command, or was that a typo? Because I couldn’t find it:

$ dolphine .
zsh: correct 'dolphine' to 'dolphin' [nyae]? n
find-the-command: "dolphine" is not found locally, searching in repositories...
find-the-command: command not found: "dolphine"

Some playlist could not be opened because the site it refers to (where what appears to be a video stream was located) does no longer exist.

the url is inactive

some site

says that this site has last been seen 3-4 years ago

It’s your playlist … it’s on your machine … you should know about it
not dangerous in itself

Apologies. My mistake it is dolphin. I have corrected it.

I have the same issue in all the folders.

My approach to this would be:
search the content (!) of the whole of ~/.config recursively for part of the expression


as an example
in order to find the file that contains it

would be another candidate

remove ~/.cache - it will be rebuilt/recreated

Extend the search to all content in your $HOME - it has got to be/got to come from somewhere …

I don’t use KDE and am not familiar with where to look for what.

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Something like, if not exactly:

grep --recursive thevideobee ~
rm -r ~/.cache
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I’d use mc for it - like for most everything else
No need to know commands … :grin:

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Removing .cache resolved the issue.

Thank you.

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mc is AWESOME. However, commands are…easier…more efficient for/on the forum.

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