Is Mate still alive?

Is Mate still going to have a future? I tried KDE & most resolutuins were squashed, so I came back to Mate.


What do you mean by “squashed”?

Did it work in the Live Environment?

I use KDE, and have no problems. In fact, it’s one. Great. Joy.

It is hard to predict anything especially the future - but Mate is a LInux Mint production - and from what I can tell it is very much alive Download Linux Mint 21.1 - Linux Mint

It was mid screen 1/3 the whole screen size across it was fine, but up/down the bottom & top of the screen was black. It wasn’t all resolutions, just a lot.

And did it behave the same in a live environment?

Why shouldn’t it? It’s actively developed and got a release 3 days ago.


Not sure, I didn’t change resolution on the live edition.

Well, that’s the first thing to check then.

Also, from what I understand, those symptoms are typically from s screen/monitor/whateveryouwanttocallit that’s being forces to work on a resolution it doesn’t support…

Mate never did that.

I didn’t know Mint had already removed KDE in it’s official homepage because KDE would be unstable.

Thanks for info.