Is Manjaro using FAM/Gaming or an alternative?

On my Manjaro xfce system, I saw that gamin was installed, but typing “yay -Qi gamin”, I get that the “Required by : --” is empty. This suggests that Manjaro is not using gamin or FAM (File Alteration Monitor). In that case, what alternative is Manjaro using?
Thank you in advance!

There is a kernel module fs.inotify which is a file watcher - and gamin is in AUR (deprecated python2 code).

What is your context?

What do want to achieve?

There is alternatives e.g. watchman or iwatch


KDE Plasma and Gnome make use of inotify, only on XFCE due to Thunar was needed the gamin otherwise the automount was not working, or some like that …
Not sure when was dropped to AUR, but all XFCE older installs have it.

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I had some problems during the last update of Manjaro xfce. The problem is better detailed in my dedicated topic. Your help will be greatly appreciated, you seem to know a lot about it. Thank you! Here is the link:

I don’t want to install alternative to gamin. According to yay, gamin does not seem to be used anymore. So I wanted to uninstall it (see my other topic) if it is really not used anymore but provided that my Manjaro xfce is currently using an alternative because the FAM type function seems important. If yay is right, Manjaro xfce currently uses what alternative to gamin? This question is important because it ensures that I can safely uninstall gamin. Manjaro xfce is currently using fs.inotify instead in your opinion?
Thank you very much !

Thunar still using gamin? In Thunar dependencies, yay, don’t show me gamin. Thank you!

Has it ever been used by default? It is an optional AUR package. If nothing depends on it, it can usually be safely removed.

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At first glance, one can do without it but it will create a high disk and CPU usage according to wikipedia (; hence my previous question to avoid this. Yay says it was “Installed as a dependency of another package” so I guess at some point it may have been used.

With relation to the filewatcher …

What are you trying to achieve?

What is the end game?

I think I answered your previous comment correctly. Did you see that I answered it? To this I add that if Manjaro xfce does not use gamin anymore, does my manjaro xfce use on my current system a “pre-installed” alternative that replaces it? Because as I said to @megavolt: “At first glance, one can do without it but it will create a high disk and CPU usage according to wikipedia (”

It is not needed anymore.
Get rid of it.
The “replacement” is in the kernel. inotify


Please read this: Inotify, FAM, Gamin -

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Thanks, now it’s a little bit clearer for me. Inotify coming from the kernel is already pre-installed and pre-activated I guess? I don’t have to do anything or I have to set it up?

No, you have to do nothing.
It was once needed - not anymore.
Everything works without it - as evidenced by the fact that nothing depends on it, nothing wants it or needs it.

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Thanks a lot! I will uninstall gamin. Thanks to all !

My problem is solved but just out of curiosity; is there any way to know if inotify is currently working on my system?

Basically: if your system works, it is working. :sunglasses:

Try the link that @megavolt posted.
The things that need it will use the functionality as part of how they are coded.

So, I wanted to check before uninstalling if the FAM (File Alteration Minitor) function is functional on my Manjaro xfce. For that, I used the program Stat but also Thunar and they allowed me to check the date and time of access of a file, the creation, the modification, etc. And I concluded that the FAM function does not work because all this information is false! For example, I created a file several days ago, today I open it and I get one and the same date and time information and this date/time has also been replaced by today’s date! Thus, I can no longer know, among other things, the creation date of the file, etc! Here is perhaps a better example with Stat :

$ stat /home/thanks/Docs/bus
  Fichier : /home/thanks/Docs/bus
   Taille : 12        	Blocs : 8          Blocs d'E/S : 4096   fichier
Device: 8,6	Inode: 3146970     Links: 1
Accès : (0644/-rw-r--r--)  UID : ( 1000/   thanks)   GID : ( 1000/   thanks)
 Accès : 2022-04-30 10:16:11.957110864 +0200
Modif. : 2022-04-30 10:16:11.957110864 +0200
Changt : 2022-04-30 10:16:11.960444258 +0200
  Créé : 2022-04-30 10:16:11.957110864 +0200

As I said earlier in this message, this was noticed before I uninstalled gamin; since then, I uninstalled gamin because it was effectively no longer in use because it did not solve the problem cited. I would like to understand what is happening with Manjaro xfce, nothing has been communicated on this subject. What should I do to restore everything to normal? Also, should I continue on this topic or open a new one?
Thank you for your help.

I have briefly read through this thread and also the other one
but I do not see what what your actual problem is. :man_shrugging:
It’s perhaps better to open a new one.

Before opening a new topic. What did you not understand? Did I formulate it wrong?

I understand you just fine
I just could not identify your problem.
But that may be just me and sloppy reading …

So I’ll make a new topic, in the hope that it will be clearer. Thanks for your help.