Is Manjaro ARM support for PineBookPro current?

I’ve just spent a few days working out problems with what is posted for the Arch Linux ARM package for the PBP, only to figure out it is completely unsuitable for general install. No wireless tools or chroot included in the ISO. With the Pine64 website having gone down, I’m wondering if there is still much of a support community for the PBP with Manjaro?

I followed the install directions at Manjaro-ARM - Manjaro, but have ended up with a live USB and not an install on the eMMC. I did not follow the SPI instructions as I downloaded the specific PBP image (w/XFCE) posted here. A year ago I had erased the default PBP install and installed ALARM, back when it had enough core packages to complete the task. It used tow-boot. However, and upgrade was interrupted and pacman has been corrupted, so there seems to be no striaghtworward way to save the install. I also used a USB drive instead of an SD card.

Is there a way to use the Manjaro install system from this point to make a permanent install on the eMMC? The way the instructions here read I thought that was what would happen, but it doesn’t specify what the OS you are booting to resides on, and there are no indications that the install media should be removed. I could just repeat the process using the eMMC in place of the USB I guess, but I’d think something of the sort would be mentioned on the install page…

Alternatively, how difficult would it be to use the Manjaro live usb to restore a working version of pacman in the old ALARM install, and would I regret staying with Arch ARM when it seems to have no support community?

From the live image you can install to eMMC.

Clone the manjaro-arm / applications / manjaro-arm-installer · GitLab and run

sudo bash manjaro-arm-installer arm-unstable

Or you can use set the board switch to enable the serial interface over headphone jack and use the serial connection to flash the device.