Is Lightweight Manjaro KDE or XFCE

Good day.
I have this HW: AMD Athlon X2 BE-2300, 4 GB RAM,250 GB HDD, AMD RV670
What edition of Manjaro would you recommend? XFCE or KDE Plasma?

Both these environments have about the same memory footprint, so there’s no real advantage of one over the other in that regard. However, LXDE and LXQt are still a little lighter on resources, if you really want to save as much of your RAM as possible. Or, you could go with a simple window manager like OpenBox instead of a complete desktop environment.

The choice is yours, although I’d recommend staying away from GNOME if you’re conscientious about RAM, because GNOME is quite a heavyweight when it comes to resources.

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was discussed earlier in detail…

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As @Wollie said…