Is LibreOffice crashing for anyone else?

libreoffice crashing for anyone else… on open document recovery box pops up and no matter what option is selected it will crash

No problem here opening existing files (pdf, odt, …) or creating new text or calc file.
Run libreoffice from Terminal and see what the Terminal gives you when LO crashes.

You can also rename /home/userxx/.config/libreoffice as /home/userxx/.config/libreoffice.old and restart LO and see what happens.

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i try this solution but still crash when open csv file or launch as app

No message in Terminal ?

I can confirm i had the same problem, it appears it has something to do with qt style (i’m using kvantum and kde).
QT_STYLE_OVERRIDE=Breeze libreoffice
or change your style to breeze in appearence settings

Installing kvantum-git from AUR also solved my problem


thanks a million

installing kvantum-git also resolved this issue for me

prior to that I tried running from terminal and it gave some Fatal exception: Signal 6 error

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