Is it wise to hold back kernel updates?

I have lts kernel and normal linux kernel on my system (vanilla Arch). I know that you can hold back updates by editing the pacman.conf file. I setup so that my system only gets updates for the lts, and I run lts as the default kernel.

The lts delta updates for lts come briefly every 6 days. The recent one is 5.4.70-1 and changes on the repo involves changing some hash and version number. After a kernel update, you reboot. I had to do this every time after a kernel update, otherwise my USB wont recognized.

I dont really mind reboot, but I have all my applications open on particular workspace (firefox tabs, emacs windows, some terminals showing processes…etc.) So, upon reboot, those will be closed.

The way I save battery on my laptop is to unable suspend then hibernate feature; so my laptop would shutdown and suspend to disk when left for too long. This way, I save battery and all of my applications are where they should be.

So, I plan to hold back the lts updates as well. I also plan to only update the applications that I care about.

For applications side, I understand that I will not get the latest features from apps (firefox for example).

For kernel side, will there be any disadvantages? Will it make my system more vulnerable? Of course, I dont plan to stick with a particular lts kernel forever. I like to hold back and update whenever I feel like it; instead of every 6 days. My system works fine currently.

Is it wise to hold back kernel updates?


Then why asking here?

Whether on Arch or Manjaro…


If this is the way you want to run your system then Arch Linux is not for you.


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