Is it still possible to edit a color in a Gnome theme?

Hello! I am using Manjaro Gnome in a laptop. For me it is very important to protect my sight and that is why I try to change the color of the text to pure black (#000000), to get a good contrast, comfortable to work with. In the past, it was possible by editing the CSS files of the Theme. However, nowadays in those files you just find URLs. Is it possible to change that in a Gnome theme? Maybe there is a different way to do it? Thanks a lot for your help.

Probably you can edit/create ~/.config/gtk-3.0/gtk.css entry where you define the text color, but not sure how that will work on gtk2 as for this you will need more code … or gtk4 apps that now use libadwaita. Also, you might have some work to do for Qt apps too.

@define-color text_color #000000;

That concerns everyone. Gnome default Adwaita is decent already when comes to that, and for some of us, the dark variant is the way to go. For good contrast is not always a question of pure #000000 (black) and #ffffff (white) …
This might help as examples, the principle is the same:

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As far as I know GNOME has a built-in HighContrast theme. Both light and dark variants. I don’t know if it will help with your situation or if it does work with new gtk4 & libadwaita stuff but since it’s an accessibility feature directly from GNOME itself, it should work fine. It should be pre-installed if I’m not wrong. I’m not on my computer now but it should be in accessibility page of the settings app or you can manually select it using GNOME tweaks tool