Is it safe to upgrade OBS / FFmpeg


Wanted to know is it okay to update my system to the latest and greatest. I use OBS and when there’s some kernel update it may or may not break the GPU to where I can no longer stream to Twitch with OBS.

Wasn’t wild about that funny fix of jumping onto the unstable branch or downgrading FFmpeg/x264 (systems cries so much about breaking stuff) so I found some older system backups and just rolled the whole thing back.

Just make a timeshift backup, backup other valuable data in addition, prepare a live iso just for the case you need it and update. With timeshift you always can turn back the whole system to old conditions. :wink:

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Blacklist the package from pacman and update it manually. If something goes wrong, downgrade picking the old version from /var/cache/pacman.

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I love TimeShift, its saved my bacon ssoo many times in the past.

Yeah I was hoping someone had a “solved” out there and save me some time if I have to roll it back. I’ll play with it again tonight. My work laptop had a big update so it maybe safe to try.