Is it safe to remove python-ufonormalizer?

I just got an update for this package. However its from the AUR and I don’t recall installing it (it may have been installed as a dependency, but I don’t know).

However I’m inclined to think that it is a package that Manjaro no longer uses and has thus shifted it to the AUR (this has happened a few times in the past before).

I guess that’s what I"m trying to find out: is this package deprecated and no longer necessary? And thus can I remove it?

SOLVED: It looks like a dependency associated with the custom Proton for Steam, GE

If you check the package details in the package manager, you can see if it has been installed as a dependency or explicitely.

Then it should be listed in the package manager under Installed > Orphans,

Sure, but check carefully the list of packages that will be removed before confirming the removal.

pactree -r python-ufonormalizer
should tell you what, if anything, relies on it.

@helpcomputer: It seems that this has been in the AUR for awhile (2019-08-12), so I would doubt that it was installed as a dependency of anything from the official repos.

Thank you all for you advice, using the hints and tips you suggested, it looks like I installed it recently when installing a custom proton for Steam.

I’m not sure what the package does exactly, but afdko (some font thing) depends on it.

I guess it is something necessary. Thank you all.

I was wondering if I could ask a follow up; it seems the package is definitely related to Steam.

However if I try to update it, it fails to do so citing conflicting files
conflicting files:

  • python-ufonormalizer: /usr/lib/python3.8/site-packages/pycache/_version.cpython-38.opt-1.pyc already exists in filesystem (owned by python-configobj)
  • python-ufonormalizer: /usr/lib/python3.8/site-packages/pycache/_version.cpython-38.pyc already exists in filesystem (owned by python-configobj)
  • python-ufonormalizer: /usr/lib/python3.8/site-packages/ already exists in filesystem (owned by python-configobj)

I’m sort of confused as to how to resolve these conflicts. If anyone can point me in a direction, I would appreciate it.

I’m so sorry to bother you with a minor complaint; but I’m running into a weird issue and I want a sanity check to make sure that I’m not making some silly error.

If I just try to update directly from the terminal (was using Pamac earlier) by sudo pacman -S python-ufonormalizer

(for now let’s ignore the overwrite command as shown in the link you provided)

I get an error saying target not found. And the same if I try it with the overwrite command.

It makes me think I’m making a basic mistake with the terminal: do you know what that might be?

If the mistake is more complicated and not a basic terminal mistake, just let me know and I’ll continue searching.


First off … we dont generally just try to update a single package - this can be a partial upgrade which is unsupported.

Second - pacman only handles repo or local packages … and this package is from the AUR … so of course pacman cannot find it.

(to download or sync or install or update that is … pacman could remove it fine because it is installed locally)

Gotcha, thank you for that help

Well, do you need afdko? Why not remove both? Did you try?

As an update, I couldn’t figure out how to update, i just ended up removing the conflicting packages (because that’s essentially what the link you sent suggested, removing/overwriting).

All seems well now.

Thank you

Afdko is some weird font thing.

I have no idea what it does.

However it installed alongside a package I did want to install (Steam proton); I’m assuming its essential to get that working.

So I’m keeping it; I’m not adept enough to pick and choose which packages I need and which I don’t.

My initial confusion was just if this was a package Manjaro stopped using; but no it turns out python-ufonormalizer is something that I installed when installing Steam-Proton.

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