Is it safe to remove GO

I have installed duf with this guide My question is can I remove GO without it damaging the system. After all, it takes up over 600MB, and I would like to have that space left if possible.

First duf is available in the AUR. You should have installed it from there. Installing manually this way is bad practice, especially for noobies. Maybe you installed from AUR but as you didn’t tell and the guide explain manual compilation/installation… I guess you did that.
Second, build dependencies should be required only to build the program, and can be removed afterward.

Yes I did it manually, it was as you describe not for beginners. It went well this time. But before I do anything like that, I back up the whole computer with ZloneZilla. I have now deleted GO and everything is working as it should.

So another off topic advice, use TimeShift instead of CloneZilla, you’ll not waste as much space for your backups. CloneZilla is not really a backup tool in my opinion, it is more of a copy tool to me.

AUR: Arch User Repository - Manjaro

I prefer Clonezila. I have an internal hard drive for the purpose. It takes 120-125 days before it is full. Then I format it and start over. It has never failed me in the five years I have used it

You did see the Arch Linux / Manjaro instructions in that guide, right? :wink:

Yes. But I have read a backup from CloneZilla with a previous backup, so I deleted DUF with the build process, and have downloaded DUF via AUR. So everything should be in order now :smiley:

Always try things in this order (mostly objective), first look in the official repositories, then the AUR version if available (with an AUR helper like Yay, Pamac, Paru, or similar tool, it is very easy) by also reading its AUR page as sometimes useful information are pinned or in the comments, then you have the Flatpaks or AppImage, then the Snaps, and ultimately the manual compilation and installation in the System if all else fail.

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